Adult Dance

iStock_000012731453_LargebWe offer an extensive range of classes for adults. Having fun, staying in shape and enjoying the latest greatest dance crazes allows our adults to keep fit and enjoy the art of dance. Private Lessons are available for couples preparing for a special event. See our Private Lessons Page for Details; Click Here

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Jazz * Tap * Ballet * Couples Ballroom
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Refunds are not available for Classes running in Sessions

Step Up & Dance Jazz

Enjoy the fundamentals of Jazz in a low impact movement class. This class is specifically designed for Adults … great music in a fun environment improving rhythm and coordination. Wednesdays 8 pm 45 minutes per week for 8 weeks $115 + HST.
*Discounts Offered for multiple Adult Classes.

Swing with Rhythm Tap

This class concentrates on making different rhythms with your feet. Adults learn a series of historical Tap steps accompanied by music from a variety of eras. This is a fun way to get in shape, brush up on musical skills and do some good old fashion tap dancing. Wednesdays 7:15pm 45 minutes for 8 weeks $115 + HST.
*Discounts Offered for multiple Adult Classes.

Move with Grace Adult Ballet 

Its never too late for Ballet! Enjoy a Classical Ballet Class with focus on Alignment, Core Strength, Grace and Fluid Movement.  A low impact class that will have you feeling lifted and centered, Wednesdays 8:45pm 45 minutes for 8 weeks $115 + HST
*Discounts Offered for multiple Adult Classes.

Couples Social Ballroom

This class teaches the basics of ballroom dancing. Participants can learn Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz, Foxtrot, Disco and Rumba. Couple Ballroom Classes are offered on Fridays at 8:00pm (45mins). 6 week Sessions; $130 + HST per Couple.

Adult Jazz, Tap, Ballet Combo Package

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