Amy Wright“When I began my dance career Sue Kirwin-Campbell was beginning hers as a dance teacher and a professional performer. Sue’s influence on my journey to success has been tremendous. She taught me, and countless others, the technique and skills that every dancer needs to succeed and at the same time she provided me with a true love of dance. That gift remains with me today as I teach and choreograph others.”

Choreographer, Casting Director and Consulting Producer THE NEXT STEP

Paula morgan“Susan Kirwin-Campbell is a wonderful teacher, one of my best. Any student that has had the pleasure of studying with her, is truly blessed. ‘Miss Sue’ is one of the very best”

One of Southern California’s most sought after teachers, L.A. dance guru Paula Morgan has developed a technique to prepare any style of dancer for future in dance. Dance Teacher Summit, NY, NY; Toronto Dance Teacher Expo, Featured in Dance Teacher Magazine. www.paulamorgan.com

Tanya Karn“Back to where it all began!  So grateful for everything that I learned from you growing up.  Thank you …  “
Tanya Karn @Tanya_karn

Former Muskoka Dance Academy student/Professional Dancer; Victoria Duffield, Tegan and Sara, Sean Desman, Camp Rock, MMV Awards, Fifth Harmony, Choreographer on The Next Step (Family Channel), Hellcats (The CW), Make It Pop (YTV) … BSc, MSc … to name a few.