Muskoka Dance Teachers

Our MDA Teachers are Certified to Teach Dance by  Dance Masters of America , Paula Morgan, Al Gilbert, Acrobatic Arts, Canadian Dance Teachers Association

Miss Sue, Miss Lynn, Miss Sam, Miss Tasha

We are the dance teachers of the Muskoka Dance Academy. We are educated, certified, and proud masters in our field. We are serious about our role as dance teachers and arts educators in our community. We have been specifically trained to develop dancers and we teach in an environment that is safe for learning. Our studio facility is fully equipped with two dance floors and both are professionally engineered for training dancers. These floors are sprung tongue in groove hardwood surfaces and have been designed to act as “floating floors”. This technology provides our dancers and teachers with maximum shock absorbency and reduces the impact of vigorous activity.

Although we believe in children having lots of fun while learning how to dance, we also believe in the importance of layering a proper technical foundation and providing our dancers first with strength and joint mobility. It is this type of approach to teaching that puts us on the cutting edge of dance instruction, promoting the longevity of health and strength later in life.

We are proud of our studio’s heritage, reputation and commitment to dance, training and educating local children in dance for the past 30 years. Many of our students have successful careers in the dance world. Drop by, watch us teach and ask us questions about what we do. Our education and passion for teaching dance will be clear.

 Established Business * Solid Reputation * 38 Year History * Passionate Teachers * Successful Careers

We dare you to compare!