Paula Morgan Technique

PM-TechniqueaThis is a technique that is direct, specific, visionary, and designed to be effective and efficient for all forms of dance. The Paula Morgan Technique is not just for the professional, but for anyone who truly loves dance and wants to learn it. It is geared toward training the body. After a dancer is properly constructed, the movement becomes inevitable. This technique has a structured warm-up designed to achieve the best strength, flexibility, technique, movement, knowledge and understanding of the body. This routine will not only warm- up the body and prepare it to dance, but it will also lay the foundation for a life of dancing to one’s highest potential. Specific training is provided by a PMT certified teacher.  A variety of posture and breathing techniques are combined with strengthening and stretching exercises to give a student a unique proprioceptive understanding about their own anatomy and body mechanics.  Structural alignment, strength and maximum flexibility are explored individually in a quest for “Optimal Alignment”.  All types of students at various levels can benefit from our PMT technique classes. We are one of the few studios worldwide to be able to offer this cutting edge technique.

Technique Level I * Technique Level II * Pre Ballet Technique Level III * Advanced Ballet Technique Level IV