School Elective Activity

The Muskoka Dance Academy has been providing Performing Dance Arts Programs for the Town of Huntsville, Trillium Lakeland School Board, Muskoka Montessori School and Near North District School Board for the past 30 years. These programs are unique and specifically designed to meet the individual needs of a community or School Board.

Dance nurtures confidence, builds self-esteem and promotes physical fitness. 
 “First we Stand, Then we Walk, Then we Run … Then we DANCE”

Dance is an expressive art which incorporates body movement and body shapes with music.  Dance is a physical art which teaches technical elements to help properly align the body for strength and flexibility.

The Muskoka Dance Academy offers Winter Elective programs to Public and Private Schools as well as High Schools;

Aerial Silks, Musical Theatre, Song & Dance, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Jazz and Contemporary are all available options for dance classes. Each week a new dance disciplines can be taught, or one dance discipline can be focused on at your request.  We also have the ability to offer other forms of dance related activities such as;  Make Believe, Hula Hoop, Ballet, Tap, Athletic Conditioning, Break Dancing, Drama, Cheerleading, Lyra Hoop. Our program focusses on improving physical growth, self awareness and igniting a spirit for healthy active learning.

To ignite interest in our program, the Muskoka Dance Academy sends a Certified Dance Instructor to your school, free of charge, to provide one 30-45 minute dance lesson. This lesson would consist of Musical Theatre and/or Hip Hop with interactive ideas.  This lesson is available at anytime during the day Monday through Friday prior to booking an elective. School Assemblies are a great way to showcase what we do and generate enthusiasm.

The Muskoka Dance Academy looks forward to the possibility of developing a relationship with your school and can’t wait to provide the Perfect Performing Dance Arts program to your students.  If you are interested in this proposal, please contact us to discuss details. We can also offer a program that is designed with specific needs in mind, at your request.

Email the Muskoka Dance Academy for more information 🙂