Junior Teacher Training

Over the years the Muskoka Dance Academy has provided many opportunities for students to actively work as Educators and Entertainers in the industry. We pride ourselves on encouraging  professionalism, promoting time management and building a strong work ethic. These tools are not only ideal for the Entertainment Industry but are necessary for a successful career in life.

Teacher AssistantsJunior Teacher in Training:
Students with three or more years experience as a Teacher Assistant and who are a minimum age of 13yrs are giving responsibilities regarding class attendance, class focus, class structure, warm up, choreography, student instruction, etc. This is done in the presence of a Master Teacher and helps to encourage the development of basic dance teaching skills. A Junior Teacher in Training works with a Syllabus and her/his master teacher’s Class plan.  They are required to study and understand the technical aspects of layering steps and aid in the development of a class. Junior Teachers in training who are a minimum age of 16yrs, demonstrate an excellent work ethic and are mature enough to handle a class, are given some teaching opportunities from time to time in a “substitute” role.  If applicable, Junior Teachers in Training are given the opportunity to learn how to become a certified teacher, once they have completed two years of teaching independently and are a minimum age of 18yrs.

Teacher Assistant:IMG_5048
This program is for students 10 years and up who have a good understanding of both technique and flexibility.  Students who display a solid eye for detail and demonstrate basic movements correctly, required in a young class, are invited to assist Master Teacher Classes. These students must have a strong personality, positive energy, enthusiastic presence and be able to take initiative.  Teacher Assistants are in charge of taking attendance, demonstrating the warm up, organizing class spacing, leading combinations, remembering routines, monitoring bathroom needs and performing with their class on stage for the purpose of helping the students achieve success. Teacher Assistants are asked to continue as Junior Teachers in Training when they are old enough, mature enough and have excelled in their duties as assistants.

Class assignment depends on availability and enthusiasm.  Mandatory Monthly meetings and Syllabus studies are held to help develop skills 🙂 All Dance students of the MDA may apply to be an Assistant Teacher however, both Teacher Assistants and Junior Teachers in Training are usually recommended by Teachers as candidates for this program.

Providing opportunities for success and encouraging students to become role models are important to who we are as Dance Teachers.  We lead by example and expect our Junior Teachers and Teacher Assistants to do the same.