Aerial Silks and Hoop

DSC_8794aDSC_8766bThe Muskoka Dance Academy introduced a new program to its repertoire in September  2014 called Aerial Silks. Aerial Silks is part of both the Circus and Dance Arts Families combining; Acrobatics, Strength, Aerial Gymnastics and Theatre. Dancers learn to wrap themselves up in a beautiful silk fabric while suspended at various heights in the air. As dancers improve on strength and mobility they learn to climb higher and higher up 40′ of silk fabric. Two annual Performances and numerous Summer Demonstration Shows provide opportunity and experience as each Dance Aerialist advances their skills.  Proper technical conditioning and body awareness is a prerequisite. The Muskoka Dance Academy takes pride in the fundamentals taught as a member of Acrobatic Arts, a program endorsed by Cirque Du Solei performers.

Students younger than 18yrs must also register in an Acro Class and/or Technique Class to register for this program.

We Specialize in Silk classes for 4yrs to Adult 🙂
Private Training is available 🙂
Check Out our Summer Camps 🙂

Three 10 Week Sessions offered on Saturdays during our 2017-2018 Season;
Session One: September 16th to November 25th, 2017
Session Two January 6th to March 24th, 2018
Session Three April 7th to June 16th, 2018

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Down Town Huntsville Summer 2015

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Santa Claus Parade 2015




Adult Drop In Classes:
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Work your core!

2015-11-07 13.54.09Student Classes:

We have 10 Active Silks and 1 Hoop Maximum 10 Students per class
Saturday Classes:
12:30pm; Aerial Silk and Hoop I (4-7yrs) Petite Aerialist
Primary to Level I-2 Acro
1:30pm; Aerial Silk and Hoop II (8-12yrs) Junior Aerialist
Level 3-4 Acro
2:30pm; Aerial Silk and Hoop III (8-12yrs) Intermediate Aerialist
Level 5-6 Acro

Acro Classes are offered for Aerial Silks Students on Saturdays are as follows;
Level 1-2 2:30pm-3:30pm
Level 3-4 12:30pm-1:30pm
Level 5-6 1:30pm-2:30pm

Saturday Acro Classes and Saturday Aerial Silk Classes can be combined as a 10 week Acro Aerial Arts Session for $30000+ HST per session. Click Here for On Line registration 🙂

There are also non session Acro Classes available Fridays for all Levels 1-5. See Class Schedule Page for details 🙂

Aerial Acro is an activity encouraging Strength, Flexibility and Core Stability. We do Private Functions, Special Events & Parties!

2015-12-04 20.36.33AERIAL HOOP:
The Muskoka Dance Academy has introduced Aerial Hoop into its Aerial Silk and Acrobatic Dance Programs.  As of January of 2016, we are excited to offer another element to Acrobatics.

Graceful, Athletic, Artistic, Fun!

Aerial Silk Sessions now include both Silk and Hoop lessons.   All of our Acro Classes also now provide Hoop opportunities to students registered. Advancing Acro skills and Strength Development makes for a solid Acrobatic Dancer.

TV COGECO Features our Aerial Program and the little ones get a chance to shine 🙂

You Tube Video Clip of a Show Piece taken from our 2015 Christmas Recital
Take a look at how we incorporate a variety of Dance Art disciplines into our recitals to provide dancers with a unique and ultimately professional experience. Here is a sample of Musical Theatre, Aerial Silks and our brand new Hoop;

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