Athletic Conditioning

Instructors at the Muskoka Dance Academy are specifically trained in techniques used to strengthen and stretch the body for high levels of athletic activity.  We are certified to condition competitive athletes for optimal alignment, improve joint mobility and prevent injury. We have worked with a variety of athletes in Dance, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Figure Skating and  Gymnastics  to assist them with attaining a stronger, flexible, more knowledgeable mind and body. Our techniques are not just for “the dancer” but provide “the athlete” with  a better understanding of body awareness, structural alignment and core strength.  These are important tools for athletes and will not only enhance productivity, but will help prevent potential injuries due to “bad habits” moving forward.

Known Fact:
Physical Activity performed with improper technique or structural imbalance over an extended period of time can cause injuries

Our Goal:
Understand structural alignment, maximize joint mobility, strengthen muscles and enhance performance

Your Result:
Increased performance, reduced potential for injury, longevity as an athlete

If you are interested in a consultation with one of our Certified Technique Instructors please Contact Us and we would be happy to provide an assessment or “Plan of Action”.

Why not Be the Best you can BE.   Learn it, Love it  … Live it !