Photo: What a fantastic weekend in Detroit.  The workshop was amazing.  MDA dancers were awesome ... demonstrating for Paula Morgan in the Junior and Senior rooms in front of 100s of dancers from all over the U.S. .... ON THE STAGE!

What a fantastic weekend for dance education in Detroit this January! At Adrenaline Dance Convention 20 MDA dancers enjoyed three days of dance classes from master choreographers and teachers.  During the weekend 8 Muskoka Dance Academy Senior Dancers (pictured above) show other senior dancers from all over the U.S. how to properly focus the body, sit up straight, turn out hips and engage the legs from underneath.  Also, on four different occasions throughout the weekend, various MDA dancers 8yrs to 17yrs were asked by ballet guru Paula Morgan to come up on stage and demonstrate their great technique.

We are proud of your strength, passion and commitment to dance … way to go MDA!