Three dancers from the Muskoka Dance Academy will  make dreams come true this summer. Molly Paulsen 16yrs, Robin Hunka 17yrs and Lyall Turvey 10 yrs all from Huntsville, each received $1000.00 in scholarship money (through a  local dance competition) to attend an elite dancers’ workshop called “Be Discovered”.  This exclusive dance workshop is offered in both New York City and Los Angeles, California and is very hard to get in. Each one is unique and each one has its own focus. Both locations provide residence, chaperones and dance nutritionists as well as a wide variety of dance instruction by specialized dance teachers and choreographers.  Lyall Turvey, who trains in vocal with Sherisse Stevens of Huntsville and dances with the Muskoka Dance Academy will go to  New york City for 7 days in July where she will dance and sing as well as be given opportunities to perform on Broadway and audition for local NYC Casting Companies. Molly Paulsen and Robin Hunka will attend Los Angeles, California, for one week in August where they will dance with some of the most famous LA choreographers, be given tips on how to prepare for live stage auditions, videos, and dance wear print work.  They will also attend official auditions held by Disneyland and Disney Cruise Lines.   “This is a trip of a lifetime and will provide the girls with a whole new level of experience”, says teacher Sue Kirwin-Campbell, “it will also give them valuable tips and professional contacts for life”  The Muskoka Dance Academy has a strong reputation for training dancers for the professional dance industry. For the past 30 years the MDA has had many former dancers perform on Television and in film, on Cruise Lines, tour with prestigious dance companies, and sign with major casting companies.  The Muskoka Dance Academy takes pride in opening windows and providing a variety of opportunities for the youth in their community. “We couldn’t be more proud of our dancers”, remarks Kirwin-Campbell, “they believe in themselves and that is what it is all about”.

Congratulations and good Luck on a successful summer girls!