This past weekend was full of dance education for former MDA student, now MDA teacher, Kristen Long (here photographed with Paula Morgan & MDA owner/director Sue Kirwin-Campbell).  Both teachers travelled to Kitchener, Ontario, to work with the world renowned Los Angeles Ballet Guru Paula Morgan(centre). Paula Morgan is the teacher to many famous dancers & choreographers such as Mandy Moore & Tyce Diorio (SYTYCD) and Kristen Long just might get the same chance. Already certified through Dance Masters of America in Acro and Jazz, Kristen has now officially begun the process of certifying herself in the Paula Morgan Ballet Technique (PMT). Miss Kristen was given encouragement and praise for her focus and approach to the work and as a current professional dancer (Deerhurst LIVE Stage Show), Kristen was particularly excited by Miss Paula’s comment,  “I would work with you as a dancer in a heart beat, if you ever come to LA … look me up”.  This was a very exciting moment for her, considering there is a huge waiting list of dancers from all over the world trying to get in to see the famous Morgan.  Sue Kirwin-Campbell, also certified in Tap, Jazz & Acro with Dance Masters of America, is already certified in PMT Levels I & II and will travel to LA this October for Level III training.

“This is a proud moment for all of us at the MDA as we continue to strive to be the best we can be, never to stop educating ourselves and our students”.   -Sue Kirwin-Campbell